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Found 5 results

  1. I'm studying the Orchestral Example code from Opusmodus documentation. After changing the original melodic source (setf solo => setf elvis), compiling solovar1 and solovar2 functions produce error messages more than half the time. Does anyone know how to fix that? Thank you! ;;; MELODY ;; Basic melodic material (setf elvis (gen-repeat 2 '((h f4 c5) (h f4 -q e g4 a4) (h bb4 a4) (h g4 -q -e c4) (h d4 e4) (h f4 3h g4 a4 bb4) (h a4 g4 w f4) ))) (setf frag1 (gen-loop 14 (list (rnd-pick '(2 3 1 4)) (rnd-pick '(2 3))))) (setf frag2 (gen-loop 14 (list (rnd-pick '(2 3 1 4)) (rnd-pick '(2 3))))) ;; Melodic variations (setf solovar1 (gen-fragment frag1 elvis)) (setf solovar2 (gen-fragment frag2 elvis)) Here's one of the error messages: Error: Function nthcdr expected a non-negative integer, got -1. 1 (abort) Return to top loop level 0. Type :b for backtrace or :c <option number> to proceed. Type :bug-form "<subject>" for a bug report template or :? for other options.
  2. Hi, here's an orchestral template for the EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Sound Bank. In the attachments below, you will find the Opusmodus template file, a EastWest.ewi file with the corresponding instruments in the EastWest Play instrument and all my EastWest soundsets made for this bank. The template and the soundsets can be refined, naturally. If you find this helpful, please, share at least the result. I would be very happy to hear what people do with this stuff. Best wishes SB. StfConcertOrchestra1.ewi EastWest.zip StfConcertOrchestra1.opmo
  3. Hi, Attached to this post, you will find an Orchestral template based on the Opusmodus Orchestra Romantic Template. This template is made with some ready to use configuration and parameters, i.e.; you can start to use it immediately for your own composition, just change the parameters, tweak them, explore and experiment. I made this template for help the people who start with Opusmodus and want to have immediate fun with it and want to learn by hacking more than by coding ;-) You also will find attached a possible raw audio example of a possible basic output of the template used in his most basic form (just evaluated and play). SB. ExampleOrchestralSectionMakerTemplate.mp3 OrchlRmtcSectionMk.opmo
  4. Hi, here's a piece for small orchestra made with my favorite music software SB.
  5. A quick and dirty test of Opusmodus possibility and capability for Media Music Production. Test successful. Setup is Opmo driving EastWest Hollywood orchestra in Vienna ensemble Pro. Output is the direct output from Opusmodus/EastWest. Naturally this output is just a prototyping and need much more attention (it would be good someday to redo the clarinet part etc..) but it was just a test of a personal Orchestral setup. SB.
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