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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, here's a short piece i've made while playing with GEN-DYNAMIC-CONTROLLER function. SB. Dynamics2.opmo Dynamics2gm.opmo
  2. New: One Note Dynamic Crescendo-Diminuendo <ppppp> <pppp> <ppp> <pp> <p> <mp> <mf> <f> <ff> <fff> <ffff> <fffff> Diminuendo-Crescendo >ppppp< >pppp< >ppp< >pp< >p< >mp< >mf< >f< >ff< >fff< >ffff< >fffff< Crescendo ppppp<pppp ppppp<ppp ppppp<pp ppppp<p ppppp<mp ppppp<mf ppppp<f ppppp<ff ppppp<fff ppppp<ffff ppppp<fffff pppp<ppp pppp<pp pppp<p pppp<mp pppp<mf pppp<f pppp<ff pppp<fff pppp<ffff pppp<fffff ppp<pp ppp<p ppp<mp ppp<mf ppp<f ppp<ff ppp<fff ppp<ffff ppp<fffff pp<p pp<mp pp<mf pp<f pp<ff pp<fff pp<ffff pp<fffff p<mp p<mf p<f p<ff p<fff p<ffff p<fffff mp<mf mp<f mp<ff mp<fff mp<ffff mp<fffff mf<f mf<ff mf<fff mf<ffff mf<fffff f<ff f<fff f<ffff f<fffff ff<fff ff<ffff ff<fffff fff<ffff fff<fffff ffff<fffff Diminuendo fffff>ffff fffff>fff fffff>ff fffff>f fffff>mf fffff>mp fffff>p fffff>pp fffff>ppp fffff>pppp fffff>ppppp ffff>fff ffff>ff ffff>f ffff>mf ffff>mp ffff>p ffff>pp ffff>ppp ffff>pppp ffff>ppppp fff>ff fff>f fff>mf fff>mp fff>p fff>pp fff>ppp fff>pppp fff>ppppp ff>f ff>mf ff>mp ff>p ff>pp ff>ppp ff>pppp ff>ppppp f>mf f>mp f>p f>pp f>ppp f>pppp f>ppppp mf>mp mf>p mf>pp mf>ppp mf>pppp mf>ppppp mp>p mp>pp mp>ppp mp>pppp mp>ppppp p>pp p>ppp p>pppp p>ppppp pp>ppp pp>pppp pp>ppppp ppp>pppp ppp>ppppp pppp>ppppp
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