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  1. So I was using gen-steps in this simple code, somehow it is lagging all opusmodus, that I need to close or break it. I don't know what it can be, I haven't got much time to explore what it can be, if is a bug or I messed up.... (setf size 13) ;; talea size in rythm cells (setf cell_size 1/16) (setf min 3) ;; min beats in the talea (setf max 7) ;; max beats in the talea (setf n_beat(car (rnd-number 1 min max))) (setf beat_places (subseq (rnd-order (gen-integer-step 0 size 1)) 0 (- n_beat 1))) (setf talea_bin(gen-binary-row size beat_places)) (setf talea_1 (binary-map talea_bin cell_size)) (setf var_t1 (gen-steps 4 talea_bin)) ;; This line seems to be the problem. (setf talea_1_var (binary-map var_t1 cell_size)) thanks people!
  2. Hey ppl, I made a script to use other softwares as midi editors for reaper. I tested with Opusmodus and Reaper, they make a good pair of softwares. I recently made a video in how to use it with musecore but the concept is the same I also made a really small screen cap to show with Opusmodus (my macbook is not that fast) In the video I am using to export midi: compile-score *last-score* :output :midi :file "path/filename" (hope I posted in the right subforum here)
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