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  1. I purchased Opusmodus only thirty minutes ago and need to catch up re. its current microtonal notation ability and potential. (I'm a composer finishing a doctorate in artistic-research musicology with a focus on non-octave scales, e.g. the Bohlen–Pierce system. I've also been teaching a seminar on microtonality for a few years at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg.) We use a library for Max/MSP called MaxScore, by Georg Hajdu and Nick Didkovsky. A feature is that the user can select from various notation styles and instantly change the look of the score, depending on what the reader is accustomed to, and the system is open so that users can create their own notation styles. This is perhaps a practical solution for Opusmodus because, in my experience, having composed many microtonal scores, nearly every performer requests a different notation style either created by them or conventionally established in their field or for their particular instrument, e.g. a 19-tone trumpet uses standard accidentals but distinguishes G# from Ab, a 41-tone guitar uses slashes and back-slashes in front of accidentals, and the Hamburg Bohlen–Pierce notation uses no accidentals but a six-line staff. So instead of Opusmodus being responsible for choosing and implementing various microtonal notations, I suggest they somehow keep a customizable library available so the user can map their own set of symbols, as required.
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