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  1. @harryjamesdude51123 Thanks! I will check them out! @opmo But, Still, ANy Suggestions?
  2. Hi guys!. I hope, I'm being in the right place to post my question regarding monitor here. I'm looking to buy at least a QHD monitor and 24 Inch screen size. And I'm willing to spend a maximum of 300 dollars or 250 euro (hence I live in Germany), I don't care if it's a used or new monitor. So, my research has brought me to these options: -Philips 276E8VJSB 4K, 27 Inch, 10-Bit Color depth -BenQ PD2500Q QHD, 25 Inch, 8-Bit Color depth -BenQ GW2765HT QHD, 24 Inch, 10-Bit Color depth They have at least 99% sRGB coverage, as far as I know, some even more. Do I need to give attention to delta E, sRGB coverage, and color depth? If I do need to, then in which attribute I should pay attention to? Which Monitor should I choose based on the options above? Any suggestions are welcome!
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