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  1. Thanks both.


    I have done some basic lisp tutorials but I have to ask the question:


    "Is Opusmodus meant for computer programmers who are also composers?

           or composers who are also computer programmers?

                      or composers with some slight knowledge of code?"

                         or academics?



    I have to say I am in the "composers with slight knowledge of code" category and right now the demo is expiring and I've barely got to grips (see above) and 300 euros seems like a lot of money when I'm not able to be sure...I've spent most of my time doing Lisp tutorials and not making music. I spent £30 on a book "Parametric Composition" which is great, but I'm not sure whether to follow the examples in that..or the Tutorials in Opusmodus or the Language Lessons or Lisp tutorials or...


    30 days is not long enough in my opinion to demo this software. And there is no option to extend the demo which is a huge oversight in my opinion.


    Sorry to rant slightly but I'm giving you my heartfelt feedback as I really want Opusmodus to work for me...





    I'm starting to loose the will to progress.

    So I just spent an hour trying to evaluate this and getting errors and thinking I'd got the wrong number of brackets and yet it looks fine.


    (setf motifx12 (rnd-order (gen-repeat 12 (list motif)))) :seed3) 


    And then I realise that I have to place the cursor not on the final bracket but on the one before :seed3)

    Nowhere does it say this in the manual as far as I can tell.

    And why?

    I think it's something to do with the : colon that I don't understand in the language. And I still don't understand seed.

    I'm really trying to get to grips with lisp but my hair is on fire. 😞

  3. Hi Janusz

    I agree but that's not the point of my question. Much software is re-sellable, much is not .. All Native Instruments software is re-sellable, none of East-West's is. Hence my question. There can be many reasons apart from suitability. Just good to get a clear picture of the policy from the get-go. 


    I'm fine with it...but 299 euro is probably the most outlay I will have made for a single piece of software in recent years. I am not a teacher or student but a poor composer! I think poor composers should get a discount, not academics!! 🙂


    Can I ask in that case whether you can offer an extension to the 30 day trial as, for example now, I'm 5 days in to my demo but I have to go away for 2 weeks. So an extension for a complex piece of software seems like a good idea. (or can I 'freeze' it?)





  4. Hello

    I'm new here.

    I'm on the demo and doing fine but for the life of me I can't figure out what the integer does after :seed?

    I know seed fixes a random function so it is repeatable but what does that number do? I tried changing it in Tutorial 5 but I can't make sense of it!




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