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  1. Hi Stephane..thanks for that...but unfortunately it makes no difference. Still white. I'm on 1.2.23428
  2. In preferences it seems to indicate that it is possible to change the background colour of the Composer, but it does not change?
  3. Is it necessary at all to do a basic lisp tutorial? Or will it confuse matters? Or is it in fact an advantage to dip into Common Lisp at the same time as learning Opusmodus? Thanks Andy
  4. Hi Janusz I agree but that's not the point of my question. Much software is re-sellable, much is not .. All Native Instruments software is re-sellable, none of East-West's is. Hence my question. There can be many reasons apart from suitability. Just good to get a clear picture of the policy from the get-go. I'm fine with it...but 299 euro is probably the most outlay I will have made for a single piece of software in recent years. I am not a teacher or student but a poor composer! I think poor composers should get a discount, not academics!! Can I ask in that case whether you can offer an extension to the 30 day trial as, for example now, I'm 5 days in to my demo but I have to go away for 2 weeks. So an extension for a complex piece of software seems like a good idea. (or can I 'freeze' it?) Thanks Andy
  5. Hi Stephane Ah I think I see, so it is an arbitary number that is an identifier....is that correct? Thank you Andy
  6. So as an individual this is a significant amount of money to invest. So my question regard reselling of the license if I don't like it after 6 months. What's the eula?
  7. Hello I'm new here. I'm on the demo and doing fine but for the life of me I can't figure out what the n integer does after :seed? I know seed fixes a random function so it is repeatable but what does that number do? I tried changing it in Tutorial 5 but I can't make sense of it! Thanks Andy
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