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  1. Thanks, Stephane I was working around with something like this: (setf mat1 (gen-repeat 2 '((s b4 mf gs3 cs4 fs4) (s a4 mf g3 c4 d4) (s bb4 mf f3 c4 eb4) (s f4 mf d3 g3 c4) (s eb4 mf bb2 gs3 cs4) (s d4 mf a2 e3 g3) (s b3 mf a2 e3 fs3) (s g3 mf c3 d4 a4)))) (setf v1 (gen-trim 3 (omn-to-time-signature (pitch-transpose 12 (list mat1)) '(3 4))) Best !! I´ll try length-span
  2. Dear All, Is there a function to align generated materials to fit in a same space, for example aligning / spanning / trimming 3 voices to fit in a space of, 4 3/4 measures. I know that there are some/many functions related to it, but there are some specific trim-to-time-signature function ? Best, Julio
  3. I agree ! It would be nice to have a dedicated function for set operations with lists of any nature. There are set theory functions for dealing with pitch class sets, like (pcs-super-sets 4 (pcs '3-1) :forte) and (pcs-sub-sets 4 (pcs '7-35) :forte) Check the Filters / Processing functions. There are many ways to filter things. Some are related do the idea of sets. best !
  4. Dear Cliff, Welcome ! Hope you can solve the problem. You can also set Reaper to do the stuff. All the best ! Julio
  5. Cliff, Maybe this giant chord stuff can be a kind of internal midi loop feedback between output and input midi ports. Check the I/O midi configuration in Cubase. Alternatively, you can export MIDI and open in Cubase. I use my libraries inside REAPER daw with using four different midi ports from Opusmodus with no problem at all. I also configured each one of my instruments in a customized port/ midi channel from Opusmodus. I send midi information from OSX to a windows machine via RTP midi (midi via wifi). In the windows machine there are my sounds and Reaper. The OSX is only for Opusmodus. Actually the OSX is a virtual machine, it´s all on the same hardware PC. Best, Julio
  6. Congrats, Janusz ! Sounds great
  7. Andre, you can set a custom instrument, using piano grand-layout (this layout don´t need two lists).
  8. Dear André, Here is a project I did some years ago, with PD and Lilypond. Kind of realtime converter of beats to rhythmic notation.
  9. It´s also possible (using MAX or Pure Data) to convert audio impulses to length values using a value in milliseconds as reference for beats and then convert the results to OMN syntax. Nice Solution, Andre !
  10. I don´t know if I got the whole idea but you can send a bunch of midi notes from any DAW to Opusmodus using a virtual midi cable. Record whatever you like onto reaper, logic, ableton live, etc and set a virtual midi output port to Opusmodus. You can send this midi notes at 3x the speed of original tempo if you like. The length information can be obtained only by import midi, however. Best, Julio It´s a sort of "mechamical solution" but I like it
  11. Thank you. Best, Julio Now I know why some of my lists were out of sync... Best ! Julio
  12. It have influence on other functions, like setf r-guia-count (get-count tierhythm :length :note)) >>(4 6) It was supposed to be (4 5) because of the tie.
  13. I´m having a little problem with ties... (setf tierhythm '((q c5 b4 q. a4 e g4) (q db4 tie e e c4 bb3 ab4 q f4))) But, when I need only the rhythm, a get this... (omn :length tierhythm) some solution ? Best ! Julio
  14. But in applications folder there is only one Opusmodus. Where is the other ? I don´t know... There is one at my desktop... Sorry for the noise
  15. Janusz, I just figured out what is happening... Do I have 2 Opusmodus installed ? when I decided to open a file with the bottom version, the icons was back to normal... I don´t know. Nothing serious but I did not understand. Best ! Julio
  16. The icon changes only when I change any of the files and save it again... Very strange... In the finder, the icons are ok. The thing is inside Opusmodus ?
  17. Thanks, Ole. I don´t know what is happening Maybe something in the OSX. Best ! Julio
  18. Since the last update, the icons associated with OPMO are appearing like these blank icons. Cleaning the cache solves the problem for a while. But before the update I did have the habit of cleaning the cache every time and this was not happening. Best ! Julio
  19. Nice composition and voice samples of bel canto style
  20. Dear All, I´m getting this result, using this function. Why ? It´s supposed to be 12/8... (omn-to-time-signature (length-augmentation 2 (pcs-rhythm '7-35 :rotate '(11) :omn t)) '(12 8))
  21. Hello, Friends Is there some function to convert this: (1 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 0 1 0 0 0 0 1) 3 2 1 2 2 5 1 to this: (3 2 1 2 2 5 1) Best ! Julio
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