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  1. Thanks a lot, Stephane ! Great, as usual ! Best ! Julio
  2. Thanks, Janusz I did the test with the same VST setup, just changing the OSX. I don´t know. Going to try a little more. Thanks I´m going to stick on 10.11 Articulations are really important to me... Thanks for the help
  3. Yes, I´m using exactly the same sound-set and definitions (exactly the same folder, with the same def-instruments). I copied from the previous install at El Capitan... For example, the cello are receiving the notes alongside with the keyswitches (in the wrong octave). I don´t know how it occurs, because in the sound set its assigned the same way. I decided to open my last install of opusmodus in El Capitan (my old system) and there it worked... Is there something different in the way Opusmodus work at High Sierra ? In El Capitan, I have one earlier version of Opusmodus (I thi
  4. I get rid of the errors but for some reason my articulations wont change anymore...
  5. HEMLOCK Resolved ! Right Folder... Dear Janusz, I don´t know in what folder I must put the file Load CLM Instruments.lisp you mentioned here: and here: Thanks in advance ! Best, Julio FOUND !! ~/Opusmodus/Extensions/“ directory.
  6. Dear Friends, I´m getting this error at opusmodus opening. IN conjunction with this, my PS functionality is not working as before. Preview score is not calling the right midi out port to my DAW. With the def score I can use it but keyswithches go wrong... My midi destinations: ((0 . "Session 1")) Session 1 is MIDI via Wifi (used to work before, when I was at El Capitan). I dont know what is this. There is also this warning at start:
  7. I´ve seen it before in other documents, but I can´t remember where. I´ll let you know if I find again. In the next releases will be necessary to install supplements for El Capitan OSX beyond Opusmodus file ? Thank you. Julio
  8. Sometimes, the documentation appear with some black boxes over it, like this But the black boxes disappear when I select over this. But I need to select to be able to read the content. It happens in various parts of the documentation... I don´t know why... Just reporting it to you. Best ! Julio With the mouse over... looks like this...
  9. The update inside Opusmodus worked perfectly in EL CAPITAN OSX ! No need to download. Great ! Julio
  10. WOW ! Lovely updates !! Thanks !
  11. Thank you, guys !! Yes, I try to read all the stuff, but it does not mean I understand it all by myself... And this quarantine is so lonely... I need to talk with you... Fortunately, I have this marvelous forum !! With amazing people ! It´s very cool to have some functions with short "nicknames" ! Thanks a lot. I will try this.
  12. Thanks a lot, Torsten ! Great explanation ! Best ! Julio
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