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  1. Cool !! Some live stream ? Best ! Julio
  2. Midi Entry provides some interesting ways to do some shortcuts like opening parenthesis, entering rhythms (t s e q h w) , etc.
  3. Acccording to the book (p. 156), there is a missing b4... Should be, like (pitch-transpose 5 (trope-hexachord 43)) ((f4 fs4gs4bb4c5d5) (g4a4b4cs5eb5 e5)) But there is a b4 missing
  4. Another one ! Only 5 notes in TROPE 43 (second hexachord) (trope-hexachord 43) ((c4 cs4eb4f4g4a4) (d4e4gs4bb4 b4)) Yes, I´m researching Hauer now, for writing a paper ! Opusmodus is helping me a lot ! ! Best ! Julio
  5. Dear All, The second half of trope 21 is showing a note repetition. (trope-hexachord 21) ((c4 b3 bb3 eb3g3a3) (d3fs3gs3 cs3f3 fs3)) The pitch-class fs3 appears twice, comprising a 5 note set (it should be an hexachord, a 6 note-set) (d3fs3gs3 cs3f3 fs3)) According to Sedivy (2011, pg 134) the trope 21 is shown below: In Sedivy´s book, this trope are shown starting in E, thus (pitch-transpose -8 (trope-hexachord 21)), thus ((e3 eb3 d3 g2b2cs3) (fs2bb2c3 f2a2 bb2)) There is a repetition of two Bb pitch classes in the second hexachord (pitch-transpose -8 (melodize (last (trope-hexachord 21)))) ((fs2 bb2 c3 f2 a2 bb2)) According to the book, the last note should be an Ab, not a Bb, like ((e3 eb3 d3 g2b2cs3) (fs2bb2c3 f2a2 ab2)) All the best ! Julio
  6. (circle-pitch-plot '(9 10 0 3 4 6 5 7 8 11 1 2) :sort nil :remove-duplicates t :join-first nil :point-radius 6)
  7. Dear All, I´m looking for a way to plot some graphs like these, showing 12 tone row ordering: I think that a function like this would be easy to program and adapt from the library. I don´t if there exist already something similar... It´s useful to show properties of 12 tone sets, like Tropes, simmetry relations, geometric operations. Best ! Julio How Rare Is Symmetry in Musical 12-Tone Rows? on JSTOR WWW.JSTOR.ORG David J. Hunter, Paul T. von Hippel, How Rare Is Symmetry in Musical 12-Tone Rows?, The American Mathematical Monthly, Vol. 110, No. 2 (Feb., 2003), pp. 124-132 HERE !!! FOUND !! (circle-pitch-plot '(0 2 6 0 3 7 0 4 8) :sort nil :point-radius 6)
  8. Dear Friends, Is there some way to configure the snippets without the watermark "opusmodus" in it ? Sometimes it can be useful. Best, Julio
  9. Very nice, Stephane !! One question: since you wrote just one rhythmic line, how there are 2 independent rhythms going on ? Best ! Julio
  10. Dear All, Simple question How to make this kind of tuplet ? (4h. 4h. 4h. 4h.) won´t work in this context... Best ! Julio
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