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  1. olli

    Malformed time-signature

    Thanks for the quick and thorough answer! I'll take a look at the documents you suggested.
  2. Hello! (this is my first post so bear with me..) I was experimenting around with Opusmodus and tried to apply various odd-divisions (particularly prime-numbers interest me) to some notes and lengths to audition some of them. I've been having some problems with this. The error I get most of the time is: "malformed time-signature." Is there a way to avoid this? 1. I wrote: ((h_23w c3)(h c4)) - which results in the aforementioned error when auditioning - notation is usually more or less correct. 2. I wrote ((12/23 c3)(1/2 c4)) - error again 3. I wrote ((h c3 tie)(23w c3)(h c4)) - expressing it like this allows me to audition it, but when I try to write something which repeats the oddity, then it results in the error again. I tried to repeat the snippet a few times and put the new structure inside parenthesis and then OM outputs the error again. Something like this: (((h c3 tie)(23w c3)(h c4))((h c3 tie)(23w c3)(h c4))((h c3 tie)(23w c3)(h c4))) Example: the first (1) example outputs the malformed time-signature in the listener as follows: ((23/2 23/2 2) 46 1) Something tells me that it somehow interprets my writing wrong. I'm very new to working like this so I guess it could be just something very obvious that I overlooked.