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  1. installed bordeaux-threads successfully :) but with cl-randist... same error....
  2. thanks a lot! but stil I get this error > Error: File #P"/Applications/Opusmodus.app/Contents/Resources/third-party/bordeaux-threads/packages.lisp" not found ...when evaluating (ql:quickload "cl-randist") no idea how it happens to search in bordeaux-threads... how is this possible? best greets -.-deno.,.,
  3. Dear folks! So inspired using OM since a couple of weeks. I do have a question, one of you might have run into before. I have sincere trouble integrating a third party package into OM. Randist would be amazing because of its normal distributed random generators. I found cl-randist here: https://github.com/lvaruzza/cl-randist Happy to read your ideas, thanks in advance! .-.deno.--.-
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