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  1. > there were still some functions and symbols that weren't acknowledged such as "display-musicxml" and "'atonal" (inside a def-score) I am not a Opusmodus user (Just a Common Lisper) but IMHO, I think there is Common Lisp PACKAGE and SYMBOL related things like a described below link. http://www.gigamonkeys.com/book/programming-in-the-large-packages-and-symbols.html If "display-musicxml" and "atonal" symbols are not exported, You may IMPORT them, like (defpackage :threads-test-pkg (:use :cl :bordeaux-threads :opusmodus) (:import-from ??? :display-musicxml :atonal)) If "display-musicxml" and "atonal" symbols are exported, You may USE-PACKAGE, like (defpackage :threads-test-pkg (:use :cl :bordeaux-threads :opusmodus ???)) ;; How to find the ??? package => (find-all-symbols (string '#:display-musicxml)) -- g000001 https://github.com/g000001
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