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  1. short question... i've programmed a score with special bars like... ......3/20 5/16 7/12 3/32 1/10....... etc. musicXML/notation has no problem with it, but MIDI can not play it (errors)!!! it works, when i do an musicXML-export to SIBLEIUS... score/notation is okay, and no playback-problems on SIBELIUS. but it would be nice, if i could simulate it directly on OM via MIDI (an later with the contimbre-library). where is the problem? or is there a solution..? thanx for help andré
  2. thanks for you answer. but it seems that the nancarrow/carter-idea is not possible with opusmodus.... because i would like to programm a SCORE. best way for me would be, if i could combine two or more different (setups/tempi) "def-score"s to a MAIN-score.... but anyway, thanks!!!!!! andré
  3. dear users and opusmodus-guys i'm an OPUSMODUS-newby, very happy with this direct and cool LISP-programming! now the question: i would like to create an polytempo-score for example: this BOTS (bot1-bot4) are playing/written in ONE score with ONE tempo - is it possible to create a score, so that every bot has his own tempo? in extremis: bot1 = 90bpm, bot2 = 91bpm... etc... like in "ars subtilior", but not with a modification of rhythm/duration... thanks for you support - perhaps it's very simple, i don't know... andré further i
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