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  1. actually, no need, I figured it out! Several other potential questions arose so I'm sure I'll post again soon. thanks!
  2. Thanks for the reply and the assistance. Basically that is what I want achieve, but I'm hoping to do it within the confines of a single voice - note the dotted half note F above the phrase in my original example, this whole thing is played by the left hand. Your reply did spur me to solve the issue in a fashion by having a 3rd voice and merging all 3. However, this doesn't quite take care of the overall issue. It's a workaround I'll obviously just embrace for the moment, but I'd really love to not have to split passages into multiple voices and then merge them just for the sake of a couple ties. I have a lot of phrases where a single note is tied to one note an adjacent chord - is there really not a way to achieve that without breaking every such instance into multiple voices when the texture isn't really a contrapuntal situation? At any rate, that did get me out of that snag, so thanks v much, o_e. best, -m
  3. Hello - first time posting here. I realize this may be trivial but I am having a tough time figuring this out. How does one make a tie between two notes when one of the notes is part of a chord and one is not? I've searched the forum with no luck and also looked at filter-tie, which doesn't seem to do the trick.. here's an example (from an old score I made in Sibelius): I did manage to successfully use "merge-voices" to realize the above, just can't get that low Gb to show up. Thanks in advance for any help! best, -Matt
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