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  1. Thank you very much for your reply - very pleased to know that OSC and MIDI input are planned for future releases. Going to download a trial and have a play!
  2. I've been following this project with great interest! A few questions about the operation and future of the programme: 1. How does one deal with sending things like controller values to things like 'filter cutoff' in a synthesiser, for example? I assume just MIDI CC, but how is this represented in code and in notation? If I wanted to control things like 'effects switching', is there some way that this is displayed? 2. Is there a way to process MIDI input? For example, if I wanted to have a programme like Csound or SuperCollider tracking the pitch of live instrument and send it as MIDI to Opusmodus for the language to respond to live, is this possible? 3. Is it possible to associate different variables across the program? For example if one pitch goes up, another dynamic goes down, and a third pitch goes down in response? 4. Are there any plans to implements OSC? Thank you for reading, looking forward to having more time with this programme, it looks very inspiring!
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