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  1. No luck. I tried to reinstall and I am unable to open either workspaces or .opmo documents directly.
  2. I have the same issue using OpusModus on MacBook Pro M1 running Monterey. I assumed it was due to M1 comparability issues. Which Mac are you using?
  3. It is frustrating that this is still an issue after almost year. Sadly, this is what happens when a company decides to build a product on a platform that they are unable to support and which has no commercial support behind it. This is the case with Clozure CL. I truly love OpusModus and it saddens me greatly that I am unable to to run it on my latest Apple hardware. I am also a software developer and have a small music software company. To offer a counter-point, I also have a Lisp-based product that uses a different platform, LispWorks. When I ran my software on my new MacBook Pro (M1 Max CPU) there was an issue. I reported the issue to LispWorks and received a fix within 24 hours. I don't want to question the motivations behind OpusModus using Clozure CL; I am sure they had a good reason to do so at the time. The sad reality now is that I have spent $520 on a product that isn't going to work in the foreseeable future. OpusModus is unable to to fix their product and the Clozure CL team is blaming Apple and is not motivated to create a fix. I am a former Apple engineer and can tell you that LispWorks and other Lisp projects have been able to get their runtimes working with Rosetta2 or even create native ARM builds. This is entirely a problem with the Clozure CL code base and it is unacceptable to have people pass blame to one another. It is unprofessional to sell a product and then say "Hopefully a fix will be coming soon." Once again, this is pure speculation, as there is no one actively trying to fix the issue. Clozure CL is simply hoping that Apple will make an exception to how their system code behaves. Even if this issue is solved, be aware that OpusModus will still be running using Rosetta2 emulation. I have my doubts that Clozure CL will be able to generate native binaries for the M1 processor. This comment sounds very negative and I am sorry about that. Once again, I love OpusModus and I totally understand the difficulties of being a music software developer. It is a very difficult position to be in. When I evaluated Lisp implementations for my product recently, I removed Clozure CL from consideration for the very reason we as users of OpusModus are now experiencing; there is no responsible entity supporting Clozure CL. You cannot rely on them to address issues unless those issues align with their motivations. They don't seem strongly motivated to support Clozure CL and if you look at their Github issues, many issues remain ignored. If OpusModus was my product, I would begin moving the code base over to a reliable commercial provider of Lisp. My personal suggestion would be LispWorks. I would even help do the work for free, just so I could use OpusModus again. As it stands now, the future of OpusModus running on modern Mac hardware seems bleak.
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