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    The Composing Continuum


    Opusmodus is a comprehensive computer-aided environment for the whole work of music composition 
    a virtual space where a composer can develop ideas and experiments for projects large and small.






    The image above displays one of the many panels that makes up this unique music composition software.

    Together the panels make up a most exciting and flexible workspace for musical creativity.

    How the composer will use the Opusmodus interface with its many features and possibilities

    will always be a matter of experiment and personal choice.



    One of the objectives around the design of Opusmodus is to respond to the many and various approaches

    composers have to make in particular projects and circumstances.

    Opusmodus interface is multi-faceted and has already proved it can deal with very exacting musical situations

    from the highly conceptual and experimental to the pragmatic needs of a commissioned work.







    “Opusmodus is currently the most advanced software for computer-assisted composition available.

    It comes with the highest development potential to fulfil the aesthetical and technical requirements for contemporary composers.

    At the University Mozarteum, Salzburg Opusmodus is already part of the compositional education and will be the preferred production environment in the future."


    Univ. Prof. Achim Bornhoeft 
    Head of Studio for Electronic Music, Head of Institute for New Music